Love Is A Chocolate

Frank Solanki

Love is a chocolate
That you simply can’t resist
Maybe it’s the only reason
Why some of us exist

Love is a chocolate
Tingling at your senses
Assemble your finest army
It still penetrates defenses

Love is a chocolate
Makes everything else so pale
So rich in texture and universal
No comparison could prevail

Love is a chocolate
In each and every way
From the craving to the taste
What more is there to say?

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Sync Failed, Try Again?

The whole purpose of taking time out is to rejuvenate, relax and refresh; right? Now I am struggling to get back into my normal routine, I feel so out of sync.

It’s like I’ve clicked “Sync Now” and now it’s not responding. Nothing I do is working.

Reboot the system; check

Maybe some troubleshooting is required, and if that doesn’t work, maybe a call to technical support is needed. I am almost to the point where I’m thinking; do I just go with the flow, or do I put in the effort needed to get back to where I need to be?

I think being back on my blog, is a good place to start

Have you ever felt like you’re out of sync with your life? Like something has thrown you right off course?

Let me know, and if you have, how did you get back to where you wanted to be?

I really wish I could just turn off, switch my mind off. It’s after midnight, and I should be sleeping, but I can’t switch off. Way too much going on in my busy little mind. I know I should, but i can’t seem to stop.

How do i get through this brick wall? Not just writer’s block, but a giant wall that I just come to an absolute stand still at. I really don’t know what do. I don’t know how to knock it down. I need something that will break through the barrier. Trying to figure out what I need to do to break through the wall, and smash it to pieces.

No More Drama Llama

This is the year of the No Drama Llama. It is something that I just made up, but I think it sounds pretty cool.

Too many times I have been a witness to many a drama. Whether I have been brought into someone else’s drama, or I’ve watched from the sidelines.

But no more!

There will be some challenges that I will be attempting this year, so drama can simply go jump.

You are not needed, and you will not assist me in achieving what I want to achieve. I can do without the negativity and the naysayers.


I don’t know where I’m going, can you show me the way?

Concept image of a lost and confused signpost against a blue cloudy sky.

Have you ever felt lost?

Not too sure which way to go

What to do, or what to say?

How do you find your way? How do you figure it out?

Just lost some direction, and would love to know how you came out the other side

I want out

I need to reset, reboot

Reload to a previous safe point

Feel like I’m losing it; 

Sanity, rest, willpower

I need a release

Restart and refresh

Because I feel slow and sluggish